Friday, February 1, 2013

Idle Hands

It's gonna happen, people. A slow start to pilot season, in combination with my 5-day sickness which has kept me cooped up in bed in pajamas,* has whipped me up into a redecorating frenzy. Because when things are slow, I've learned the best thing you can do is to keep yourself busy!

*diagnosed yesterday as a bacterial infection of my sinuses! sorry, TMI.

It's the perpetual actor's dilemma-- you can't leave town for fear that you're gonna miss an audition, so you sit around waiting for a call from your agent, twiddling your thumbs. And the minute you decide nothing's happening, it'd be ok go for a little vacation, so you book your flight, your agent calls with an audition. Ta da!

In order to bring that ju ju upon myself, I'm keeping my idle (sick) hands busy by tackling all the home decorating projects that I've been talking about and keeping my schedule packed. I'm zoning in on the home office since yesterday I've made it quite clear that this is the disaster zone in our house. Besides what I discussed in yesterday's post, I've been looking into these little DIY projects:

1. Painting our Ikea Billy bookcases.

I don't like the black bookcases we have, but we're stuck with them since they came from the bachelor pad. I would've bought white ones, but I do also like the idea of having a more masculine office, since the rest of our decor is decidedly girly. To lighten it up a bit, though, since it's up against our dark wall, I'm thinking of painting the inside of the bookcases a light sea foam, in this style:

I'm also gonna try to paint that empty wooden frame either white or gold.

2. Stenciling or painting the ugly-ass file cabinet

We talked about my file cabinet dilemma yesterday. Painting is more likely, as I can imagine buying stencils and then allowing them to collect dust. But this idea from two twenty one is inspiring:

3. Storage

It's a job for Ikea.