Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dining Nook: Before & After

When I first started this blog, I posted some pics of our apartment in the state in which we found it:

...and then one updated pic after we painted the walls:

Is that a disposable dishwasher in the dining room? Of course. Only recently did I realize we've never really showed what it looked like after we furnished it. Silly, silly me. Since then, we've put up new curtains, gotten a credenza, and replaced our beloved creaky mid-century chairs with updated chairs courtesy our wedding registry. We also replaced the broken light with a ceiling fan (not my choice), and thrown in some plants for good measure. Sorry, because the space is a little cramped it's hard to get a good angle...

The credenza makes it a little tighter space-wise in there, but it majorly helps out our whole lack-of-storage situation in the kitchen. I wanted to make all the liquor look a little bit nicer, so I found this antique mirrored tray at the Rose Bowl Flea market for only $30...

Twice the liquor is twice as nice!

I'm plant-sitting this little guy for my friend San, who took it home as a teacup succulent favor from our wedding (the DIY tutorial is here)! I think I'd found the Japanese ceramic tea cups at the Rose Bowl, too.

Here it is again. Before:

...and after!

We don't normally have those towering french tulips mid-table, but you can blame that on Valentine's Day. I do enjoy sitting among all the lush greenery and feeling like I'm in some sort of sunny jungle. take that, cold! (Yes, I'm sick again. WTF).