Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Treasureless Hunt

In my quest to make over our office, I've been hitting up thrift stores and flea markets to find a cabinet or chest of drawers that can do double duty as our printer table and store all those stacks of head shots and post cards.

A few weeks ago I made a little trek out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market - the mecca of vintage treasures in LA. I meant to get up   with the rest of the crazies at the crack of dawn and pay an extra $20 for early admission at 5 am, but then I came to my senses. The early bird special is good if you're hunting for an authentic Eames lounger or Saarinen tulip table or a vintage Chanel purse for a fraction of its going price, but since I was just looking for something functional, I got a few extra hours of beauty sleep and showed up around 9 am.

Spotted this cool mid-century sunburst clock...

It's not me but I love these awesome baroque chairs in the background...plus how fun would it be to replace that olive green vinyl in the foreground with some cool fabric?

And this super comfy leather recliner, which Alex got excited about since it's the same model as his father's office chair from years ago. We saw it at H.D. Buttercup last year going for about $3,000. This was $250. Does anyone know the maker? If it was black we would've bought it, but that burgundy was nicht so working for me.

Also made a trip to the famed Wertz Brother's Antique Store in Santa Monica, and found that it was closing.  Doh! I had to make do with their vintage furniture store nearby, which had less fancy stuff but was a maze of cool finds. This sturdy Drexel chest was $195. Not my style or color, but well-constructed.

Don't these look like they belong in that big room of stuff in Return to Oz?

Pick me, Dorothy! Pick me!
I'm a sucker for old card catalogues, but I need drawers that will fit those headshots and stacks of papers inside, not just paper clips.

These parrots yelled "HELLO!" at you if they saw you down the aisle. I assume they were also master shoplifter-detectors.

How many fair maidens have washed their butts hair with this basin?

Oh well, no loot this time. I'll have to keep looking.