Monday, July 1, 2013

Souvenir Turned Art

A few months ago, our talented friend Rich invited us to Magic Castle. Now, anyone who's lived in LA can tell you these few things about the legendary place:

a) The first rule about Magic Castle is you don't talk about Magic Castle.
b) Only members (and their guests) can gain entrance to Magic Castle.
c) Only magicians can become members of the Magic Castle.
d) Stop saying Magic Castle.

Meaning, this was our one and only chance! We dutifully studied the website and the very strict dress code: men had to wear ties, unless they were wearing "turtlenecks (that can be folded over), bolo ties, ascots, jeweled collars, ruffled collars and banded collars." Hmm. Women had to wear dresses or "an evening pant suit ensemble."

So we donned our best bolo ties and pant suits and spent a mindblowing night exploring hallways with weird magic paraphernalia and history, watching different magic shows, drinking very strong cocktails, and listening to a piano played by the resident ghost, Irma (Irma also took requests and played some popular rock standards that came out way after she died).

Anyhoo, this is all just to say that the best part of our night was that they had an on-location silhouette artist who would look at you and cut out your freakin' silhouette in that old timey way in under five mintues! Seriously? This guy was crazy talented. You basically pose under a light so that your shadow projects on a wall, and then he snip-snip-snips away and voila, you get to take home these souvenirs of your "impression."

Now, anyone who knows Alex enough can tell you that this silhouette is pretty damn close. (Mine, on the other hand, gave me a bit more schnozz than I hope to have). Then I got to thinking...

Add a black frame...

Lop off the cheezy playing card motifs...

And now you have some personalized his-and-her art.

That definitely ain't my nose, but I'll take the eyelash extensions he gave me.
Coming plan for our new framed silhouettes!