Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Terrarium Overload

On a weekend trip to Portland, my friend brought me to what probably only could exist in Portlandia...a terrarium emporium!

Okay, it wasn't called that, but it was basically a store made up entirely of terrariums (terraria?) and their components. I didn't wanna be hauling any sand or glass vases onto the plane back home to LA, but it was enough to inspire me to use up some of the empty glass vases we have at home, as well as the succulents that are growing freely in our front yard. Yes, terrariums are played out, and yes they are to me on the same level of But oh well, I like 'em (just like I like my Noguchi).

First, I gathered the materials and set up shop in my garden...

Bags of sand and white rock, glass containers, different succulents from the yard and my favorite gardening store Rolling Greens, plus some reindeer moss to top it off. I chose this guy from the store...

And this juicy looking fella was from my yard ...

My first try was with this long glass vase that the previous tenant had left behind. A layer of white rock on the bottom for drainage, some dirt for the succulents to take root, and a top layer of sand. I didn't have charcoal, which normally you would use to soak up some of the moisture. But I'm hoping the drainage rocks at the bottom and LA's dry weather will work.

After some meticulous work with chopsticks, I got those suckers into the sand. Alex said that if was a scene in a movie and they had my character using chopsticks to plant the terrarium, he'd be like, "Oh, come on!" But it was true.

Here's another bigger one I messed with. It's a little messy, but I still like it.

The shell is from the beach in Anguilla, where we went on our honeymoon.
And lastly, I made a gift for our friends Lynn and Abe, who had us over for vegan enchiladas and a night of Electric Dreams and video watching. I've had Taylor Swift sans goat stuck in my head ever since.


My little terrarium even got a mention on Lynn's food blog! I'm so proud of that guy. One day they're in the nursery and the next they're all grown up and being featured on blogs. Ba dum bump! Jokes!

And just to spread the horror cheer...