Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Registry Guilt, Ice Cream, and Beds, Oh My!

We started putting our wedding registry together last week, and BOY is it fun to walk through a store with a scanner and -- ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! -- indiscriminately choose items that would be fabu in our new home together.

Stands and delivers.

My married friends and my parents have convinced me, against some of my anti-consumerism and anti-materialism instincts, to just cave in and accept that we will need things to build our new home together. Ikea, after all, will eventually fall apart, and I don't want to be using the same 20-year-old, threadbare sheets that I brought back home last time I raided my parents' closet. Once I accepted this fact, I could revel a bit in finally getting a chance to have those grown up things I've lusted after for most of my adult life-- a Kitchenaid stand mixer! Le Creuset cookware! A Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner! Part of me still feels guilty asking for these things; after all, who needs an ice cream maker? And then the other part of me that's telling me to relaaax and just enjoy this wedding ritual is saying, "Yes. Your summer evenings will be spent savoring the delicious fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream that you and your husband made together on a Saturday afternoon." So BAM. There it is. Ice cream maker: ZAP!

Mmmmmmmm...marital bliss.

One thing I've been having a hard time finding is some decent bedding. For Alex's sake, I'm trying to veer away from my girly instincts (ix-nay on the Anthropologie-ay) and find something that's modern, a little more masculine, but still fun and airy and light. Now that my revamped French blue dresser and these cute patterned curtains are the dominating factors in the room, I need to find something that will go with that. Here are a few candidates:

I love the yellow and grey combination and the modern take on floral for these sheets from the LoftHome Collection at The Company Store. Plus the reverse pattern is very cute.

This is probably way too ornate, but I'm always drawn to the bright yellow and the peacocks on this duvet cover from DwellStudio. At a $350 price point, I also feel bad for putting such an expensive thing on my registry.

For some reason, I keep being drawn to poppy red stripes as well, though I probably would get tired of these after about a year.

Anyone got any thoughts or favorite places to buy their bedding?