Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Design Your Own Bedding, Plus Potato Chips

Ever since my post a few weeks ago about trying to find the perfect bedding, my friend Ayana has been sending me helpful links about where she goes when she obsesses over best modern linen and duvet covers.

Today she turned me onto InMod, where apparently you can design your own duvet covers. Say what?

It's true. You start by choosing the pattern. Though the selections are somewhat limited, there are definitely a few cute, Swedish-looking modern designs. Next, you choose between cotton (215 thread count), cotton/linen blend, or silk dupioni. 215 TC isn't the softest material this princess has ever slept on, but then again this is just for duvet covers, so it shouldn't matter too much unless you don't use a flat sheet. Finally, you choose your colors and customize the colors of the embroidery/detailing for the pattern you've chosen.

Here are a few designs I came up with in just a matter of minutes as I was playing around with the site.

What do you think, I should totally quit acting and start designing duvet covers as my day job, right? Right guys? Guys?
Speaking of acting, here's a little commercial featuring me that's on TV right now. I don't while away ALL my time just shopping online for house stuff, c'mon! Warning: Eating Ruffles in bed will no doubt ruin your beautiful new custom-designed duvet with unsightly grease stains.