Friday, October 5, 2012

Love Stamps

In an effort to make up for my past few weeks of slacking, I'm doing some retrospecting blogging on some of the DIY projects I embarked upon for our wedding.

Today, let's revisit middle school block printing. I wanted our gift bags for guests staying at our hotel to have a more personal feel, but we couldn't afford to get custom-made gift bags (plus, I didn't love the mass-produced look). DIY to the rescue.

First, a trip to the Interwebs to get some plain brown kraft paper bags and a trip to Blick to grab some art supplies: some linoleum blocks, speedcutter tools, a roller, and some ink. I started by tracing our intials and a heart onto the linoleum block, then hollowing it out with the carving tool:

D'oh! I forgot printing goes backwards, so I'd have to write backwards on the block in order to get a normal-facing print.

OK, take 2. Luckily, I had bought an extra rubber block in case I messed up. Turned out rubber was much easier to carve (this is like the elementary school version as opposed to my middle school attempt).

Spread some turquoise ink on a paper plate and coat the roller...


Wet the block...

And voila!

A little punk, a little kindergarten. We had 142 guests, but since I couldn't keep track of where everyone was staying, I decided to make just enough to cover the people who had purchased their hotel rooms at the Ponte Vineyard Inn and the Springhill Suites Marriott through our wedding block discount.

My mom graciously filled them with stuff guests might need when traveling for a wedding: band-aids for high heels-wearers, tissues for ceremony criers, restaurant lists for the hungry, dental floss for post-meal hygiene, gum for making out, granola bars and water for snacks and dehydrationg, and aspirin for hangovers.

Yeah, yeah. I know it kind of looks like "aVe."