Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Desserts

Besides wedding cake at our wedding (which was a 3-layer, chocolate/marble/vanilla cake with salted caramel and hazelnut cream), we offered our guests chocolate chip & sea salt toffee cookies, seasonal fruit pies (one of the biggest regrets of my life was not getting a slice!), chocolate pie, gummy peaches, marshmallows, chocolate balls, and homemade candy from our family friend, Susan. All of it was laid out on a big-ass table that we revealed about mid-way through dancing...which, in retrospect, was sort of a mistake, since the dance floor cleared out and everyone went to line up for dessert.

Thank you Lynn of The Actor's Diet for awesome dessert documentation!
Confucius say, "Wasting is totes bad," so I wanted to make little personalized goody bags so people could take some sweets to go. After our huge family-style meal, I knew people would be too stuffed to eat it all then and there.

I stamped each one of these pink glassine bags with black ink and a readymade stamp, plus gold ink and a stamp of a ginko leaf, which my bridesmaid Shianling had used when hand-making my bridal shower invitations. This was easy peasy.

I also wanted to make a pennant sign to label the table "desserts," in case people didn't, like, get it. Signs like these were costing up to $45 on Etsy, and honestly, it wasn't all that important to me, so I decided to take the DIY route. I started with some grey felt, and, using a piece of chalk, traced out the letters.

Next, using some leftover fabric from the honey jars, I cut out triangles with some pinking shears. A quick tap of the hot glue gun and it was glued to a long piece of twine. Using more hot glue, Shianling and I glued a long piece of ribbon across the top.

String? String!

A little more hot glue on the letters...

And a few minutes to dry...

Ta da...Signage! Since I had the glue gun, the fabric, the shears, and the twine already, it only cost me a whopping $1.50 for felt and $2 for ribbon. A little homemade, but it did the trick.

Here it is, doing its thang....

Photos courtesy Lynn Chen at The Actor's Diet
And here is Regret Pie.

Photos courtesy Lynn Chen at The Actor's Diet
 Now, time for the dentist.