Sunday, March 4, 2012

Next Up: The Office

Now that the dresser is finished, I'm facing my next big challenge: a shared office space. For two writers who work a lot at home, this is the big kahuna. We both spend an inordinate amount of time at our desks, writing, editing, storyboarding, and twittering, so we need this space to be as conducive to creativity and productivity as possible (as well as double as a guest room for my impoverished visiting poet friends). As much as I don't wanna mess with my beau's creativity by hanging up floofy actors' vision boards ("Universe, I will book a pilot!"), I also can't work well in a dark and cavernous library overflowing with books.

Here's my challenge:

Dun dun dunnnnn!

Tight space, too much stuff, non-matching furniture, mismatched styles, and no light. I already chose some dark grey-taupe paint that I love, but it just ain't working with the giant 80s desk and office chair I inherited from the previous tenant, the overflow of books that we have, and the Persian rug that makes me feel like I'm trapped in a professor's office. I want to make this as modern, light, and airy as possible, without emasculating my dude and his man-(half)cave or messing up his flow. Anyone got any ideas?


  1. warm yellow paint, white furniture, modern graphic rug. ikea isn't the worst thing in the world. rugsusa has the best prices and aaaaaaalways is having some sort of 25-50% off sale. etsy for wall decals.

    what about yellow, white, and black? it would be light and masculine...

    (sorry don't know how to post pics in comments..)

  2. i'm hijacking your design but i'm a wannabe designer too.

    what about something like this? do you have room for two of them? side by side would look awesome, a wall of books and "stuff," two desks. (desks too small?) i know free is good but methinks you have to get rid of that desk, chair, and rug completely.

  3. loving the yellow idea! i won't change the color of the walls since i just painted them, but i was thinking of using some bright yellow accents. we inherited two old chairs from the previous tenant, i'm now thinking about spray painting them either black or yellow.

  4. HAHA. All your friends are obsessed with your blog. hi BRAIDS. from MUPRHS. I agree that yellow is really nice and honestly costco has not so bad rugs either. We have that leaning bookcase rack but got it from crate and barrel on sale and it ahs a wine rack in the middle but it's the exact same design. and it's lovely so I agree with BRAIDS.

  5. First off, you need to de-clutter then change the wall colour. Perhaps a light colour will do. From there, see what other changes you need to do. Good luck on that challenge.