Friday, March 9, 2012

Garden of Delights

For the first time in my life, I have a garden!  When we signed the lease on this place, my mind instantly flooded with thoughts of lady tea parties, wine nights, quiet morning meditations, outdoor yoga bliss and bountiful fruit trees (gawd, think of the lemons and figs I could grow!).

In reality, the garden's just been sitting there, overgrown, waiting for me to make an imprint on it. My goal is to get it in shape by the spring (it comes third on the priority list, after fixing up the office and getting our curtain hooks installed). In the meantime, I've drawn some inspiration from my favorite garden store here in LA, Rolling Greens. Not only do they have really awesome, modestly-priced plants, their aesthetic is right up my alley.

After an audition today for an unnamed Schwarzenegger sci fi blockbuster remake and another for one of my favorite retail stores, I found myself nearby on Beverly Blvd, so I stopped by just to browse for a while.

They also have all sorts of design books, food books, frou frou bath stuff, and things that make you wish you lived in a French country dream home.

I love these colorful hand dipped candles they sell:

double rainbow...what does it mean?

As well as awesome John Derrian knick knacks that are always too expensive for me:
Oh, John. Get cheaper and I'll buy you.

I brought home a big bushel of rosemary, which apparently doubles for catnip:

dude, i'm so hiiiigh

As well as some nice big branches of apple blossoms. The glass cylinder vase I found on a street a few years ago, and the mid-century regency chair I got on Craigslist when I first moved to LA. It originally came with an ugly red velvet, so I reupholstered it with some more modern fabric, and made a pillow out of the extra material. The floor lamp and the West Elm white vase I got for free from a good friend who worked in the art department on The Apprentice. So, yes. Both used to be in The Donald's office.

Ahhhhh...Rolling Greens. If only my garden looked like you. A girl can dream, right?