Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Other People's Houses

On my solo morning walk today, I snapped some pics of Reasons Why LA Is Prettier Than Strip Malls. These little tidbits from our Hancock Park neighbors' homes and nests make me totally envious happy. Luckily, nobody called ADT on me, the creep stalking about with my iPhone camera.

Why have fences when you can have a wall of climbing roses?

God, could this beautiful house be any more English Tudor gorgeous? Just a minute, let Carson fetch my finest barfing urn so I can throw up how much envy I have. 

I mean, seriously? Are garden gnomes doing their bidding? Look at those luscious flowers!

Succulent succulents

I remember buying birds of paradise from the bodega in NYC for like $10 a stem. Here they are, in their natural environment, growing by the dozens.

I just want to take off my shoes and sink my toes into this lush grass! It's very Alice in Wonderland.

One day, I would like the option to plant an entire front yard of succulents.

Forget Trader Joe's, I'm getting all my rosemary from this yard from now on!

I love the varying shades of pink here. Much like how I used to match red with pink in 7th grade.