Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sick Daze

Since I've been home with a bad cold for the last few days, cabin fever has been setting in and I've already read every possible tweet, instagram, and Facebook post in the world there is to see. Netflix has proven to be full of bad movies (or maybe it's just my bad choices made with fuzzy sick-brain). What better to do than pick up where I left off on the whole redesigning my home thing?

Anyone who sits around in sweatpants for more than 24 hours in the same place is bound to find things that can be improved. Now that I'm forced to be home, I can finally start thinking about some of the DIY projects I've been meaning to tackle.

I first fell in love with the dark wallpaper look when I saw it in the now-defunct Domino Magazine years ago:

Welcome home.

I love the birds and the floral pattern against the dark background.  Very charming/creepy Victorian England, no? For my own project, I bought this vintage wallpaper off eBay a few months ago. 

Since I don't want to deal with actual wallpapering in our rental, I wanted to try this trick, also found on Domino years ago:

...except with 3 uniform panels instead of one giant floor-to-ceiling one, to frame side by side as art. 

I can't seem to find any cheap framing options in Los Angeles (but if you know of one, please do tell!), so this may turn out to be a DIY project. I'm thinking I may have to get some particle board from Home Depot and actually sticky spray the wallpaper onto the board, then look for some cheap framing options at Michael's or something. Else wait til we're millionaires and I can own my own beautiful house in Larchmont, and then actually wallpaper our entrance with this vintage stuff.

Maybe it's just the Nyquil talking, but I'm thinking DIY before millionaire. Right?