Thursday, April 16, 2015

I ❤ New York

I was in my old hometown of New York City a couple of weeks ago for Passover. It's spring there right now, my favorite season - and I remembered why I love the East Coast. Here, a few random reasons why I heart New York.

Crocuses in Central Park, the first sign of spring.

In just a few months, you'll be picnicking in the sun on Sheep's Meadow lawn, hoping those frisbee guys move further away from you.

The skyline. Still one of the best. (Chicago's a close second for me).

The animals (minus the rats and flying rats, aka pigeons)

Can you believe this was on Roosevelt Island? Looks kinda familiar...

Oh yeah, Van Gogh's wheat paintings, in particular, Wheatfield with Sheaves.

Guess ol' Vince liked the view from Long Island City.

I've always wanted to check out this spooky old abandoned smallpox hospital. It appeared in the 2002 movie Spider-man when the Green Goblin and the eponymous hero have a showdown, and every time I drove past on FDR drive, I'd look across the river and try to see ghosts.

Spooktacular from afar, and beautiful up close.

The gorgeous view from the Roosevelt Island Tram. I never bothered to go there when I was living in New York, but coming to visit makes you do weird things.

Another one of my favorite things about New York City: Bodega cats.

"Whooooaaah, man. I'm soooo high right now."

We spent some time at an old bar I used to love but had forgotten about, St. Dymphnas. Great burgers and beer. In the daytime, it's practically all Brit, with open windows, rustic wood, and hydrangeas in the window.

Speaking of burgers, my favorite thing about New York: The food.

Here's a cheese plate from the Seder dinner. Yes, that's six types of cheese. All for one person. The third course. With more to follow.

I love classic New York apartments. (Not so much my overpriced fifth-floor walk-up with vermin, though).

Walking on air in my old hood, the Lower East Side.

See ya next time, New York! Back to sunny and 70.