Thursday, September 4, 2014

Atlanta Historical House Tour: Swan House

This week, on one of my days off from shooting, I reunited with an old BFF from 7th grade, who happened to be visiting her parents in Atlanta. Having first bonded over having the same first name and a mutual obsession for Steven King and alien abduction stories, we went on many super-fun adventures together throughout our childhood and teens (blackberry-picking, long treks through suburbia, exploring New York City, wandering the halls of the Met). 

I was super excited to embark upon some exploration of Atlanta together Now That We Are Grown! Since she's also a design enthusiast, we decided to check out the 33-acre-large Atlanta History Center, where the historical gem The Swan House is located. 

The Swan House is a perfectly preserved house built in 1928 for the Inman family, designed by Atlanta-based architect Phillip Trammell Schutze. It's basically a time capsule that allows us to see what it was like to live in some pretty fancy digs in the 1920s and '30s. 

The grand entrance has a stunning winding staircase for one to make a grand entrance Norma Desmond-style, and some classic black and white tiled floors.

The dining room was pretty stunning. The wallpaper was hand-painted Chinoiserie-style - basically the original inspiration for my lust for this type of thing in Domino Magazine and my mounted wallpaper project.

It was pretty cool to see the original thing up close...

...and personal.

 Next, Mrs. Patmore's kitchen:

As much as I love vintage, I'll stick with a modern kitchen and a sub-zero fridge, thank you very much.

No thanks.

I mean, imagine the sour milk! Blech. Upstairs, the master bedroom...

Not really my style, way too floral and dainty for modern tastes, but beautiful nonetheless.

They even had bonafide detailed touches like this vintage talcum powder tin.

The view from the top...

Back downstairs, the parlour...LOVE those mint green walls!

Doesn't it sort of remind you of Lord and Lady Grantham's walls from Downton Abbey? Down to the Persian rug!

Downton Abbey set interior

The study...a decidedly darker, more masculine feel. Lots of deep colors, wood walls, books, and serious-looking portraits. Definitely the kind of place you can discuss serious Downton matters such as who owns what farm shares, and how heirs of fortunes should spend their money.

Outdoors in the garden, some pretty statues to entertain you on a stroll with your lover...

And of course, the magnificent cascading fountain view...

Look familiar? That's 'cause it was used as a movie location for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Wanna live in a place like this someday?