Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Girls' Day In: Clothing Swaps and Terrarium Parties

Ingredients for spicing up a lazy Saturday a few weeks ago:

1 visiting friend from out of town
2 craft-loving LA friends
3 glass containers
1 bag dirt, 1 bag charcoal, 1 bag sand, 1 bag gravel
Lots of succulents
Animal and people figurines
1 bottle of sauvignon blanc

After my last post about making terrariums, some of my friends wanted to get together and have a terrarium-making party. And what better occasion to just this than when my friend Kai, who brings people together, was visiting from New York?

I whipped up a batch of kale chips...

We all pitched in and gathered our materials on the table:

Kale chips, shells, moss, soil, gravel, charcoal, figurines, and glass containers
Since we are all multitasking queens, we also used our terrarium party as an excuse for a clothing swap. Pilsen found something that really fit him.

Trying on our old-new duds...

Munchies donated by our friends Na Young and Karen, Kai's cousins, who own the mouthwatering Proof Bakery in Atwater.

Our pal Lynn of The Actor's Diet came by and scored some sweet threads. Meanwhile, we got our hands dirty...

Lynn chose not to succulent and instead hung with the birds...

...while Cyn (now an expert) and Kai made beautiful terrariums.

I went nuts with the gold spray paint...

Beware tiny alligators