Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maison Midi

One of my favorite places to shop for housewares and gifts is Maison Midi, which is on La Brea and 1st, adjacent to American Rag (a great clothing store full of brands I can't in point, I once saw Drew Barrymore there blindly plucking up clothes and then going to the register with an armload of new outfits, without mind to the cost).

Maison Midi has beautiful modern, bright, cheery linens, housewares, and all manners of things from France (like cheese knives and French bistro chairs), handblown glasses, art books, kitchenware, and John Derrian-esque decoupage paperweights and ashtrays.  I wanted to register here for our wedding, but apparently their wares change so quickly with the season that it would be hard to pull off. It's a great place to grab latte at the cafe and pick up a gift.

Glass Rainbow

Oh how I wish I could afford you.

If you feel like spending a good $70 on your pepper mill...

Down With Love-style lemonade!

"Miss, stop taking photos!"