Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Blackboard

I've been toying with the idea of making my own blackboard signs in keeping with the DIY, rustic feel for our upcoming wedding (less than a month, eek!).

I decided to do a little test run with some chalkboard paint, which I picked up at my favorite hardware store, Anawalt.

First, I picked up some cheapie little framed art at the Goodwill down the Street. This was only $7.

help me, i'm cheezy!
Ideally, I would've removed the frame and just painted the glass. But the back of the piece was totally sealed up, so I had to keep in in tact and tape the gold frame with painters tape to protect it from the black chalkboard paint.

How fun! I felt like my own personal Banksy. Minus the million dollar price tag.


Sssssssssst! Spray painting is great fun. Vigilant watchers beware.

Who wants to be a skunk?

All done! Leave it for 24 hours to dry...

And voila. We have a chalkboard for our front entryway, where my betrothed and I can leave important messages for each other, like the one above. For our wedding, I may take this down and use it to display our specialty drinks menu (Which is still TBD. Cucumber green mule? Blood orange-artichoke fizz? Thai basil vodka & tonic? Strawberry fix?)