Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In an attempt to keep our upcoming wedding under budget, I've begun thrifting and getting crafty with some of the decor ideas. One of the things we're gonna try is to do flowers ourselves, and use upcycled vintage bottles, mason jars, milk quartinos, etc. as flower vases.

Since wedding season has begun, brides are trying to resell everything on Craigslist. I got this lot of 24 Kerr mason jars from a girl in Los Feliz for $24.

They weren't exactly what I wanted, but I decided I would get crafty and buy some blue Vitrea 160 glass paint from the arts store and try to tint them aqua blue. In the meantime, I'm testing out their vaseworthiness with an all-yellow scape on my dining room table. Bananas, lemons, and tulips, oh my!

I wish the color balance came out better from these iPhone photos (they looked washed out), but the intense yellow against the aqua blue walls looks awesomesauce.