Friday, April 27, 2012

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I'm horrible at sleeping. The slightest movement--fiances a-shifting, cats a-leaping--wakes me up. This got worse since we moved into our new place. In the move, something wacky must've happened with the mattress, and ever since then I felt like I was sleeping on a slant and rolling into a pit in the middle of the bed.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But imagine my delight when Alex decided it was high time I quit my complaining and decided to treat us to a sturdy, good ol' fashioned bed. After much research, I decided to settle on the new Bennett bed from Room & Board.

It's the perfect mix of modern, sleek, and light and rustic / sea breezy, and actually looks much nicer in person than on the website's photos. Unfortunately, the angle I can get in our cramped (and unfinished, design-wise) bedroom doesn't do it justice...

Excuse the awful picture. Not sure why our comforter looks all striated either. Why am I even bothering to post this?
This is my first platform bed. I've slept on many uncomfortable things in my life-- couches, air mattresses, hospital seats, a wooden bench while stranded in Milan's train station overnight-- so this feels like a little slice of heaven.