Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aaand...the results!

Here we are! Drumroll....

I went with Glidden Olivewood for the living room. The other greys just seemed too purpleish or tannish. This came out way more taupey than I'd wanted it to be, but in the end I was just as happy with it. It's warmer and a little less modern than I would've gone with.

I was concerned about the contrast between the living room against the dining nook's blue. Turns out I had nothing to worry about!

I fell in love with this dark color (I think it was Glidden Dark Olive) but was a little scared of doing the entire office with it, since it doesn't get as much sun, even though we have a glass door leading to the garden. So I decided on one accent wall, and doing the rest in the same Olivewood as the living room.

And my favorite, the dining nook, in Glidden's Tropical Lagoon. The Robins Egg blue was just a tad too aqua, and this came out the perfect aqua blue, sort of like a Moroccan jewel.

Compare that with the original pics from 2 posts ago. We sunk in an extra few hundred bucks to ask the landlord to repaint over the nasty yellowish off-white color they'd chosen, but it was well worth it (even though they only let us do 2 rooms). I made nice with the paint guy and got him to repaint all the trim a pure bright white for nicer contrast, and asked for a white with a slight grey tint in the bedroom. Bringing people donuts does wonders.